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In Media Res

I realized that in my first post about my new keyboard, I didn’t really explain the process to build the firmware for the Teensy 2.0 microcontroller. Since then, I’ve modified my keymap to swap caps lock with control, and now I’ve added back in most of …

Getting Control over Caps Lock

So, one of the first things I wanted to do with my newly resurrected Apple Extended Keyboard II was to return to the “proper” behavior with respect to the horribly misplaced Caps Lock key.

As a developer, I make extensive use of OS X’s built-in text editing features, many …

Nimitz Alive!

Mechanical keyboards. I love mechanical keyboards. I’ve owned several in the past, but between moves and an admitted amount of fickleness, I haven’t had one for about a decade. Now, that’s changed. I’m writing this on an Apple Extended Keyboard II. It’s stock, and is … Sidebar

“Surely,” I thought, “there already exists an sidebar for Octopress.”

[Edit: Well, there is, officially.]

Well, there is, sorta. But She’s a Girl posted about her work at getting it integrated with her site, but its artifacts are mostly bound up in the commit messages for her …

Buy My Bag: 2013

It’s that time again. Time for you to buy my bag. I’ve got a 2011 Tom Bihn Ristretto for 13" MacBook Pro (same structure as their Original Style Ristretto, but larger). It’s Cocoa with Cayenne interior, and it has the Absolute Shoulder Strap. It’s in fabulous …

Zem 0.9.9

“ExternalEditor: Because no one should have to use <textarea>”

Long ago, Casey Duncan wrote a Zope 2 product called ExternalEditor. It let users of Linux and Windows designate local apps to edit Zope-hosted content. As a budding OS X developer, and a user of Zope, I ported it to OS …